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FASD Network of Northern California Makes Education Webinar Available for All.

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

The FASD Network of Northern California opened up their most recent training, FASD in the Classroom, to the general public. Originally meant as a private training for Contra Costa's school psychologists, the organization made the decision to increase the content, rally leading experts and make the information available statewide.

The anticipated passage of SB1016, the bill which makes FASD a named condition for eligibility under the category "Other Health Impairment" when qualifying for Special Education in California, was a main factor for the decision. "Currently in the state of Calfornia there is not one school district that provides FASD informed programming despite the fact that FASD is the most common cause of developmental disability in the United States" states Peg Black, President of FASD Network of Northern California.

The training includes world renown experts in education, mental health, developmental disabilities and developing school programs for students with FASD. The goal is to present an initial training for educators to provide appropriate services for students with FASD in the California schools.

Please click on the graphic above to go directly to the recordings of the webinar.

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