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FASD Educational Series 

Training for Educators brought to you by  FASD Now

Available Trainings

This training series includes the following modules:

FASD 101

Acquire a fundamental understanding of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), dispel myths, and learn how adapting educational environments and approaches creates positive outcomes for students. 

FASD & Intervention Strategies

Choosing appropriate intervention strategies is essential for positive outcomes. Learn which approaches are likely to be most effective, and how to avoid traditional approaches that are contraindicated for students with FASD. 

FASD & the Educational Assessment

Created with school assessors in mind, FASD & the Educational Assessment is designed to shed light on why testing specific areas of need is crucial and the importance of considering the unique brain differences associated with FASD when interpreting results. 

FASD & Transition

The importance of transition planning for youth with FASD cannot be overstated. Explore the essential elements of effective transition plans and equip your students with the tools needed for a successful future. 

FASD & the IEP

Designed for all team members, this training will provide you with the tools needed to craft successful Individualized Education Programs (IEP) for students with FASD.

Ongoing Consultation

FASD Now offers ongoing consultation to support implementation of EC §56332 and creating effective learning environments for students with FASD. 

Meet the presenters:


Peggy Black, MA is a speech and language pathologist with 40 plus years experience in special education. She is designated as a parent advocate for California for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, a Trainer of Trainers for FASD, University of Wisconsin, President, FASD Network of Northern California, and a member of FASD Now!, a statewide organization. She has been a trainer for FASD across settings: School districts, medical settings, First 5, probation, and public health. 

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Kelly Rain Collin, Ed.M. has been working with at-risk children and youth, including children prenatally exposed to alcohol and other drugs, since 1990. Kelly Rain conducts specialty consultation and trainings for schools, advocates, attorneys, parents, and other professionals on the interface between FASD and the IEP and other related topics.By bridging the fields of child development, education and mental health, she is able to assist families, schools, and mental health professionals in understanding and creating supportive plans to enhance children’s developmental trajectory and address their learning and mental health needs at school.

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Shannon Iacobacci, MS is a neurobehavioral educator specializing in developmental disabilities. Using a brain-based approach, Shannon provides training and education for organizations, families, and foster youth. She is a certified facilitator of the FASCETS neurobehavioral model and has conducted trainings on FASD and related topics for more than 15 years.


Janis Reid, LCSW has worked over 25 years in community mental health including direct service and management including fifteen years working or overseeing School based mental health programs. Currently, she is in private practice focused on trauma, neuro-divergent individuals, and caregivers of children and youth with FASD and special education needs. Janis is also certified by FASCETS as a trainer in the Neurobehavioral model of brain-based intervention. 

Janis and her wife, Brenda, adopted a teenaged son out of the Los Angeles County foster care system who has an FASD. Their now young adult son has moved out on his own.

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Thank you for your interest in creating positive and supportive school environments for students with FASD. We are excited to offer educators and service providers training on how to successfully implement EC §56332.

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